About Me

Hello there! My name is Willy and I live in Indonesia. I'm a boy with many dreams! I never forget to wake up to chase my dreams, as Passenger sings 'Dreams come slow and they go so fast'. That's why I always try to make my dreams come true. I'm 17 years old (well, almost 18!) and love photographing, modelling and fashion. Therefore my camera, laptop and tablet with Internet acces are very important to me. Becoming a photographer and model has been my dream since I was 14. I think I've made that dream happen so far (although not professional). It started as a hobby, but now it has become an important part of my life. I always believe in myself and try to be better, day by day. Next to that, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are apps that I love using (even though Facebook and Twitter are still my number ones, in my mind). The reason why I love these apps is, because I can see beautiful things there and also can learn a lot of new things. It's extends my world of dreaming and living my dreams. I love travelling. Until now I've never visited other countries, except inside Indonesia (my country). I'm determined to explore more of the world, someday! Currently, I'm studying the Russian language. Hopefully this year, I will get the opportunity to go there as well and get more experience abroad. Apart from travelling, I also think doing sports is a great idea. One day I hope, I'll be able to do surfing and get a little courage to try sky diving! Above all, my biggest dream is becoming a helper. I mean, I really hope to become succesful, so I can help other people. That's all about me! I'm not really good with words, but want to thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will keep enjoying my blog. Well, that's a wrap! This is my favorite part, the part where my journey starts! Don't forget to leave a comment. I love to hear feedback from all of you! "Dreams don't come true if you give up. Each day you get is another chance to make it into reality." Love, Willy (Ps. I'm a food lover as well!)


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