2013 Gleam (January-October)

Hello good people,

This year I did several photoshoots, starting from January until now. It was incredible, because I've gained a lot experience about how to pose-still high fashion in front of the camera-and that made me feel like “ok I'm still on top”. (LOL)

The “photo of the months” image above was not taken based on the month written there, it was taken randomly. I just arranged it like this to make it look great. It all took place in this amazing year.

The November and December photoshoot will be uploaded soon.

In every photoshoot from Jan-Oct, I had a different concept for every shoot. Here a list of the used themes:

I would like to upload my photos, but not all (not all of the list). I just upload 1 of 10 months photos (with the fashion brand that I used). The lucky news is “I will also post one favorite month, which is recommended by you guys”.  So, please write a comment and also tell me what your favorite month is, in this post).

Recommendations for favorite month, close on: 15/12/2013 (00.01 West of Indonesia time).